twenty three

In celebration of my birthday, we rented a cabin at Lake Cushman up in the Olympics. The cabin was actually overkill for just the two of us, but it was nice to just get away for a long weekend.


We took the long way around and drove the entire way to the cabin, it was a beautiful drive up the sound with minimal sea-sickness! While we there, we were completely disconnected from the outside world. The cabin is back off a little more than dirt road, within walking distance of the lake. While it was too cold to take a swim, we did walk down to the lake just to take in the beauty of what God had made for us.




Here we are attempting to slack line on a frozen cable that holds the swimming area dividers when the lake is full.



We celebrated with my favorite meal of steak, rice, and gravy with a side of stewed okra and tomatoes!

To shorten the trek home, we took the ferry across on our way back. While we were waiting for the ferry, we enjoyed some chai teas at a local coffee shop and read the morning paper.

I’m so glad we celebrated like this, maybe we’ll even make it a tradition! A slow weekend in the woods, that’s my kind of party!


Salmon fest 2013

Salmon running is cool, no matter how old you are. Today we headed out to Issaquah to watch some salmon run (that’s the Salmon part) and enjoy all the food and artwork (that’s the fest part). Here’s a video so you can pretend you were there;)