During the salmon run, John’s dad and Vera made the trip up to go fishing with us in the Sound. We learned a new fishing technique called “mooching.” It’s a technique unique to the PNW. According to our boat’s captain, they hold competition each year in hopes of keeping it alive (many people have abandoned mooching in favor of the more popular trolling method). Our captain was really knowledgeable about the local species, I enjoyed gleaning that information from him. It rained, hard, off and on throughout the day. We managed to catch three salmon that we could keep (4 would’ve been our limit), and see some other wildlife while we were out.


john fish


At our twenty week ultrasound we learned we have a healthy baby girl! She was doing great and moving around the whole time.



In November we visited Franklin Falls. It’s a short hike, and for the minimal effort you get a great view from the base of the fall.

franklin falls

For thanksgiving we headed over to Bainbridge again to spend time with the Harrison’s. We enjoyed a big meal, watched football, and played games on Thursday. Friday morning we had plans to drive out and pick out a Christmas tree together. We woke up to freezing rain, so the trip was shorter than expected as we rushed to find a tree. We did make it home with exactly what I was wanting despite the hurried search!

We had a low key December as I couldn’t travel far. We celebrated my birthday on Friday night, at home with my favorite meal, just the two of us.
John’s company Christmas Party was my actual birthday, so we got fancied up and headed into Seattle for that. We had a great time enjoying the casino, photo booth, caricatures, and food that was ever present.


With all the snow falling, I’d been begging John to take me to the mountains. So, we headed out for some light hiking for some exercise one weekend. I cannot remember where we went :/


On Christmas Eve, we had an early dinner and attended our new church’s Christmas Eve Service. Afterwards, we came back home for desserts and presents.

Christmas Day we woke up early and headed out to Crystal as fresh snow was falling so John could ski. I spent the day sipping hot chocolate and reading in the lodge. While it was a nice relaxing holiday, I’m looking forward to next year when we will be surrounded by our families and celebrating with our sweet little girl!

I’ll be home for Christmas!

~6,000 miles and 7 days

It’s 4:30 am on a Friday morning, snow is falling, and a sweet friend is waiting to take us to the airport. After six months, we are about to breathe that gloriously warm and humid Texas air.

After boarding, I fall asleep and wake up nearly 2 hours later expecting to be somewhere over Utah. Instead, I find us still on the Seattle tarmac waiting on the THIRD de-icing machine to show up and prepare the plane so we can leave. After missing our connecting flight in DFW, we get assigned to a new flight, and now have a two hour layover. The layover gives us the opportunity to meet up with Jordan as her flight comes in just two gates away from us!

When we finally get to College Station, the first step off the plane brings with it a muggy breath of air and I know I’m home!

We spent a few days in College Station celebrating the coming of our Savior with John’s side of the family. We broke bread, opened gifts, played games, skyped with family afar, and took a family picture. It was a wonderful celebration!



Taylor Family 13

Next up, we headed to East Texas and started our time with my family with a celebration of 50 years of marriage for my grandparents!


I adore these two!


Over the next few days we ate more food, opened more gifts, and played more games (I’m sensing a pattern here).

I just love this one of Papa acting like a complete kid over his gift!


Finally, we loaded up the car again and headed to Oklahoma to round out our trip with a visit to John’s dad’s. More food, gifts, and games!

Our last stop was a visit to my favorite grocery store! I couldn’t help but stop in and tell it how much I’ve missed my food having a branded Texas logo on it!

Our trip was one of the most love and fun filled Christmas’ I’ve ever experienced. It brought so much joy to finally see our family again and laugh together! Thank you Jesus for bringing us salvation, your love, and a wonderful family!