1st Annual Keech Family Anniversary Camping Trip!

Boy, that’s a mouthful! But, I love it! I love that we celebrated the conclusion of our first year of marriage doing something we love together. I love that we spent the weekend outside in this beautiful place where we get to live. I love that it was just the two of us. That we lost the trail several times along the way. That we crisscrossed over the gushing river and heard it calling all night. I love that once we reached our destination we had to climb back down to find a dry place to call home for the night. But mostly, I love that we have each other to love. That for the rest of our lives we will be there for each other, we’ll get to experience life together, we’ll get to hike together, and one day have a whole gaggle of children and grandchildren around us for our annual anniversary camping trip. I love this life, and I love this man.






location: Greenwater River & Echo Lake


Let’s laugh together, okay?


My husband is hilarious, and I know all wives say that, but John really is! He’s also a pretty good cook. With a couple of exceptions, everything he makes turns out well. Because he makes good food, some of the things he says when cooking are exceptionally funny. If all you had were these comments, you’d get the impression he’s a terrible cook! That’s why I love them.

“What’s a sauce pan?”

“Do we have a mixing bowl?”

“It says ‘Cream the butter,’ want me to melt it?”

Reading the word fermometer on his brewing instructions:
“Fem-o-meter…Ferm-o-meter…Oh, Fermometer!”

And the grand finale, this one had me laughing for a solid five minutes, and still makes me chuckle when I think about it:

‘Sift the dry ingredients’
“Where’s the potato masher at?”
Inquisitive look from me
“Hey it works” (while stirring the dry ingredients with said masher)