Thanksgiving on Bainbridge with the Harrisons

As I write this, I’m freezing in Chicago O’Hare Airport, January is coming to a close, and I’m just getting around to documenting our thanksgiving. Oops.

Thursday morning we got up early and baked pies (pumpkin + pecan) to take over to the Harrison’s for an after dinner treat. Once the pies were out of the oven, we loaded up the truck and headed into Seattle to catch the ferry over to Bainbridge. We spent the rest of the day eating, watching football, playing games, and catching up with family. John’s dad and Vera came up to join in the celebration too!

We stayed over Thursday night and travelled to a Christmas Tree farm Friday morning. After wondering around in the muck for a while we discovered the perfect tree to bring into our home.

the tree

When the day was over, we headed back to The Eastside to set up our first Christmas tree together and begin the advent season!


It has been a while…

Labor Day Weekend + The Weekend Before That

We celebrated the unofficial end of summer by heading north and camping out with the Harrison’s.


(In case you wondering: yep, that’s a hole in my pants from where I took a tumble during a previous hiking experience)





The rest of these photos really don’t need any caption. God is good; he gives us beautiful spaces to enjoy with family. We are blessed.

The weekend before Labor Day we went hiking with some friends.

The trails were full of ripe huckle and blueberries just waiting to be picked/eaten. Our plan was to hike a couple miles in to Lake Margaret; however she was a bit underwhelming. Late August and a dry summer had combined to leave Lake Margaret struggling for life on our visit. As a result, we decided to hike on up to Lake Jillian and see what she had to offer.

This folks:


margaret lake

She’s a beaut isn’t she!

Until next time,

Ashlee & John