Keepin’ it real

Today was tough. What started out as a relaxing day to spend with friends at the farmer’s market, turned into a day full of scrubbing mold from our bedroom walls. Luckily, I have an amazing husband who did a lot of the scrubbing and lifting heavy bookcases and crawling under the bed to clean the baseboard behind it. So, by 10am our house looked like this.


After two trips to the store (once for heavy duty mold killer and once for groceries) and lunch, the house looked much worse. While we were getting the mold killer, aka bleach, we picked up something to clean the heater for our bedroom that was used as a litter box for the previous tenants cats (this is purely speculation based on the smell coming from it when we turned it on). Silver lining? If we ever have odorous kids we can just spray ‘em down with this stuff.




Anyway, by 4pm we were able to demold the bedroom (and I managed to get all my summer clothes put away and the winter ones out! Whoo!). Now I’m able to lay on the couch, under my heated blanket, blog from my iPhone, and watch my Aggies BTHO Ole Miss!
(I will always use the Oxford comma)

Until next time,

Ashlee + John

Salmon fest 2013

Salmon running is cool, no matter how old you are. Today we headed out to Issaquah to watch some salmon run (that’s the Salmon part) and enjoy all the food and artwork (that’s the fest part). Here’s a video so you can pretend you were there;)