It grows on you

Its April.

April means roadside wildflowers, baseball, and daytime highs perfect for laying in a hammock. At least it used to. I probably won’t get to see a bluebonnet this year, or get a sunburn at a ball game. I won’t feel the thickness of the air as temperatures start to reach ninety. And for a moment I’m sad, and while I’ll always miss those things, what I will get to experience brings its own joy.

I hope I never get used to seeing mountains on the horizon, or reflecting back across the lake.


Or the beauty of the fog settling in on a rainy day.


While this place will never be Texas, it’s growing on me. I’m starting to love it for its own beauty, it stories. I’ll always love going home to Texas, but for now I’ll enjoy where I’m at. I’ll take in creation around me. I’ll watch baseball, in a jacket, while the locals eat clam chowder (seriously, someone back me up on how weird that is!) And I’ll be grateful for Washington.


Sibling Time

Koda came up to spend his spring break hanging out with us. We tried our best to cram all of our favorite things to do in the PNW into last week so, it was jammed packed with good food, fun activities, and love!

A few highlights from the week:


Koda arrived (way too late) on Sunday night. Pop quiz: How do you find the kid from Texas in the Seattle airport?
Look for the one wearing an FFA hoodie. :)


One of our favorite restaurants Din Tai Fung- where we discovered koda can’t use chopsticks.


Our climbing gym (koda’s a natural)

Bonus: while we were there John got his first Dyno!


Skiing at Snoqualmie.




Thanks for coming bubba, we loved having you!

-John & Ashlee